hello and tada!

I'm Erin Watson. I read, write, bike, and breathe in Chicago. The party popper is my favorite emoji and every color is my favorite color. Drop me a line and let's chat about books, beverages, bicycles, or whatever else comes to mind.

find me

Co-hosting Other People's Poems Chicago, a poetry recitation night where every style, language, and mistake are welcome. Slam that follow button and/or join the Google Group to find out when we're meeting.

Reading a good book from my public library or my overcrowded shelves.

Volunteering in solidarity with incarcerated people at Chicago Books to Women in Prison.

make zines

I love zines! I've made 'em about Moomin, poems, dreams, dad jokes, and my dog's reviews of Mountain Goats songs. I've contributed to ones about Carly Rae Jepsen, Chicago, and snacks. You can find zines I've made at Uncharted Books or Quimby's in Chicago. I hate engaging in capitalism but I'm always up for trades.

As an on-trend and online creative millennial, I am obligated to write an email newsletter. It's about poetry.

read words

Every few months/when I dang well feel like it, I write an email about a poem or two.

& Meanwhile

I am persisting, more offline than not, in celebration of all that is ordinary, queer, and kind.